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About us

About us

A Sweet Beginning

Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate. Isn't it obvious that we love it!
Naked for Cocoa is all about the love & celebration of chocolate - a delectable & rich indulgence that satisfies any sweet tooth.

As the name says, Naked for Cocoa serves you with some of the finest pure cocoa confectionaries, made with a high cocoa content & 100% cocoa butter, without any artificial flavors.

What started this journey? It all began one fine day when three childhood friends found one more common thing they love, chocolate! Our three founders, after completing their bachelor's, moved to Australia for masters and eventually started working in different companies. But it was their love for food & chocolate that kept them together. They traveled across continents, enjoying various cuisines & delectable cocoa and eventually decided that the treats were too good to keep to themselves. In 2012 when they came back to India, they decided to share the authentic flavor & love for pure cocoa they experienced during their stay in Australia with the chocolate lovers & dessert junkies here in Jaipur; to give them a cocoa experience they will remember forever. Because once you’ve tasted real chocolate, the other stuff just won’t do. So they made sure everyone could taste the difference.

This gave birth to our first ever venture, a choco heaven in Jaipur - Nibs Choco Cafe. The only & one-stop-shop for cafe enthusiasts, bakery & confectionery lovers in Jaipur, Nibs offers authentic recipes and food experience that ensure pleasure & aloha in every bite.

Naked for Cocoa, is our newest venture that is sure to redefine the way people think about chocolate. With Naked for Cocoa, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest artisan chocolate the world has to offer. What makes us unique is our premium crafted cocoa beans sourced from Kerala, India & a unique blend of hand-picked ingredients that offer the highest standard of quality & taste.



Three childhood friends' dreams make for smiles & a sweet opportunity! What started as a love for food & a vision of starting up a business to change the landscape of the food industry, gave birth to this delectable chocolate delight.

Our founders: Sankalp Gupta, Raunak Khandelwal, Kushal Sushil, completed their degree in Hotel management and moved to Australia to do their post graduation & eventually start their career in their respective companies. But their zeal to start something of their own & their love for food kept brimming. It eventually came down to deciding either their stable job or a chocolate haven. We think they made the right choice!

The Showrunner: Sankalp Gupta
From brainstorming ideas, managing finances, communication, marketing, new business development & everything in between, Sankalp makes sure the creative vision & company growth shine through & the product achieves its goals.

The Go Getter: Raunak Khandelwal
Raunak looks after everything that their brain child needs to keep running! He's the one man team looking after the admin, operation & all the processes required, while equally ensuring that the team is well caffeinated.

The Artist: Kushal Sushil
The real captain, (well of course, it's all about the drool worthy chocolates at the end of the day!) He's the master chocolatier & the brain behind all the delectable recipes.